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Our up-and-coming Kickstarter game is called Gnome Nabbing Grannies. Don’t be fooled by the “Grannies” in the title – they have canes and they know how to use them! Designed for team play – its hilarious, unique, simple, yet strategic gameplay will leave you wanting more Granny. We hope you will all love this as much as we do. 

Two teams of Grandmas will go head-to-head, trying to steal all 5 of their opponents’ garden gnomes that are hidden in their garden. Each Granny takes an individual turn as turns rotate back and forth between teams. Each Granny has a special ability, but watch out! There are dangers lurking in the garden that will slow your already slow Grandma as you search for gnomes. Assistance cards could come to rescue from the assisted-living center to either help you or hinder your opponent. The first team to collect all 5 of the other teams’ gnomes, win!

Background Story:

Why Are These Grannies Stealing Gnomes?

In the town of Whisby, at the intersection of Walsh and York Street, you’ll find two kitty-corner care homes, the Reddington House and Greensborough Manor. Each has a brilliant garden in its courtyard and if you look at just the right time, you’ll see a granny emerge from the foliage carrying a gnome. Yes, you read that right.

 You see, these grannies are rather cheeky when it comes to their gardens because they all know that gnomes are the secret to the best gardens. Sure, it takes great effort to plant, water and weed, but it’s the gnomes that are the real magic-makers. And these grannies want the best garden at all costs. 

Why? Because they’re after Whisby’s prestigious Annual Hoticulture Award, of course! The winning care home’s garden earns the coveted Golden Bouquet. To sweeten the deal even more the town also throws in a year’s supply of prunes! Plus, all the grannies want to impress Glenn Martin, the head judge and Whisby’s oldest bachelor! He happens to think gnomes are very lovely. 

 And so the grannies spend their days nabbing gnomes from their opponent’s garden – while defending their own turf. Gnome-nabbing keeps you young, after all. Whoever can capture all their opponents’ garden gnomes first WINS!

Launching on Kickstarter February 6th, 2024!